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Artipistilos, S.L. It is a company with over 25 years experience in our industry. We offer the  best products for the manufacture of Hats, Fascinators, Accessories, etc..

            What defines us

We are a solid company, dynamic, flexible and we adapt to change.
• Innovation is one of our concerns.
Team of committed and highly professional.
We care about the ongoing training and development of people working in our company, and accompany   them in their professional development.
Experience and international leadership.

We believe that handmade crafts are an excellent way to show creativity, relax and calm nerves, and ultimately contribute to the family income. We have plenty of ideas to help you creating all sorts of details.

Our values are based on honesty, positiveness, an excellent service, responsibility and organization.


Formas de pago

Formas de pago


Pol. Ind. Pozo Hondo "Ampliación"
Avda. Comunidad De Galicia, Parcela-68
13610 - Campo de Criptana
Ciudad Real - Spain
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Fax:+ 34 926 56 29 79
De 08:30 h. a 13:30 h. - 16 a 19h.